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Dream Design is a top website maintenance services company, helping businesses ensure their websites remain up-to-date, secure, and healthy.
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Website Maintenance Services You Can Depend On

Whether you’re an eCommerce business generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each day or a B2B company that relies on its website as a source of inbound leads, your website site must be properly maintained to maximize security, minimize downtime, and make the website updates you need to grow your business.
Maintaining your website is much more than keeping it secure and making sure it is available to your potential customers at all times. From posting new content to the website to making technical improvements to improve your site speed, a website is a living, breathing thing.
If your website has custom functionality that is driven by plugins, website maintenance can be even more crucial for your business’s daily operations. Whether your custom functionality is hard-coded and custom-built or dependent on a set of plugins, it needs to function correctly 24/7 to maximize conversions on your website.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We are fluent in many CMS, but WordPress is one of our strongest. We offer a team of WordPress Website Design & Development experts with extensive experience designing, developing, and marketing WordPress websites. We have several PHP experts on standby and build custom WordPress websites in-house daily.

WordPress Website Design & Development Services of Dream Design

Shopify Website Maintenance Services

We have extensive experience with most web programming languages and offer website maintenance services for practically any CMS on the planet. This includes Shopify website maintenance.
Shopify Website Design & Development Services of Dream Design

The Most Popular Website Maintenance Services Include

Malware Removal, Scanning & Protection

Dedicated Account Management

Emergency Support

Page Speed Optimization

Security Updates

Uptime Monitoring

CMS specific maintenance packages (WordPress, Shopify)

Plugin & Theme Updates

Firewall Configuration

Backup & Restore

Regular Updates

Code upgrades

DNS and Domain Management


Hosting Consultation

Proactive Hacked Site Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance ensures a website is up-to-date and void of any technical issues or other errors that would negatively impact performance. Website maintenance is crucial for any website, but especially for those that drive a business’ revenue or inbound leads. Site performance, security, speed, usability, etc., all play into a website’s ability to perform and encourage users to complete the desired action or set of actions.
Website maintenance is an ongoing process that is neverending. As the web continues to evolve, new standards are adopted, and new ways of doing things become scalable, updates to your website will be necessary. That being said, some updates take longer than others. If you need an image swapped on a blog article, a reputable company should be able to make that change in just a few minutes. Understanding your website’s maintenance needs will give you a better understanding of how many hours of work you can anticipate during a given period
You can add a self-destructing link to your credentials during checkout, or send them to us when you complete registration. Get them to us at your own convenience.
Simple answer, we’ll work with you to fix it. We do our best to ensure stable update compatibility with themes and plug-ins before we update the core files or WordPress products, but there are times when the latest update causes unexpected results. When an update we perform causes the context to break, we will spend up to 1-hour trying to fix it. If the newest version of the theme or plugin doesn’t work properly on our website, we’ll rollback the update to the older versions of the theme or plugin that are still in working order, and give you a recommendation for a course of action to get the problem resolved.

We can! Our experts have over a decade of WordPress and Shopify experience, and that includes creating and designing new websites. You can visit our WordPress Website Design & Development Service and Shopify Website Design & Development Service page to learn more.

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