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Site Speed Optimization Service

Our team of WordPress experts specializes in optimizing websites and improving performance. We’ll help your site get blazing fast in no time at all.
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Slow WordPress Site? Get Up To Speed

Did you know that most visitors will leave your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Not only will this cause frustration, it will also result in the loss of potential customers. Search engines also penalize slow websites and you will miss out on targeted, organic traffic. So, ensure the best experience for visitors by opting for site optimization services to ensure your website loads quickly!
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Benefits of Website Optimization Services

Increase Speed

Raise Conversion Rates

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Improve Core Web Vitals

Professional Design Credibility

Web Accessibility Compliance

Initial Website Report & Analysis

We generate a comprehensive site speed and website performance report using Google Lighthouse. This report gives us a baseline of where the site stands and areas that require troubleshooting. We also create a staging server to ensure the live site remains unaffected.
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We troubleshoot all issues from the report and anything else we can find in WordPress to optimize the website. This may include outdated plugins, themes, optimization tools, or software. We go to great lengths to identify any potential cause of the site’s slow performance, ensuring that the website is well-optimized for best performance.
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On-site Optimization

Once we have identified all issues that are slowing the site down, we begin to optimize the site. Our experienced developers take the necessary steps to ensure your website is well-optimized.
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Final Website Speed Optimization Report

Once we are done with on-site optimization, we will provide you with the report and a staging site link. The report will illustrate the significant improvements compared to the initial website performance report. With the staging site link, you can test the website optimization and measure how our website optimization efforts have made an impact. Once you approve the changes, we will push the changes from staging to your live website.
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Speed Up Your WordPress Site – Pricing

The most affordable way to speed up your WordPress site.


Essential on-site optimization to improve user experience

Performance Report Before & After Optimization
Caching Configuration
Plugin and Theme Updates
Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS
CDN Setup
Media Optimization & Compression
Lazy Loading Images
Video Optimization
Reduce Server Response Time
Minimizing HTTP requests
Website Report & Analysis


Perfect for growing businesses to go above and beyond

Everything in Standard
Preload, Preconnect, Prefetch Configuration
Core Database Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Since every website is different, it depends. We analyze website’s performance before and after starting the optimization. We take measures to offer a blazing-fast user experience for your visitors. Our goal is to see measurable gains and get your site speed as fast as possible with improvements to your software.
We will do everything we can to research and troubleshoot your website to get its speed and performance optimized. If for some reason we can’t speed up your WordPress website, then we will offer you a full refund.
It takes around a few days to several weeks, depending on the project. We’ll take several optimization measures to improve page loading time and performance. We will also work with our SEO experts to optimize meta tags, images, page titles, headings, and more. You can be sure that all the pages of your site will be mobile-friendly and use clean, fast HTML and CSS code. These are just some elements that are important to improving your site.
Our services are intended to improve your website’s overall performance. We will optimize your website page speed, SEO, code, security, Plugin, and many other elements to help your site have a better user experience, more traffic, and higher rankings. Our team will also eliminate render-blocking resources, minify files when possible, and employ caching technology to improve page load times.
Yes. Site optimization can help you rank better in search engines and increase conversions and sales because of the enhanced user experience.
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